Curse Of Medical Students.

Doing MBBS and becoming a doctor is a dream of thousands of students. To achieve this dream, students go to pre-medical during intermediate and burn the midnight oil to get maximum marks, so that they can achieve their goal.

Curse Of Medical Students.
Curse of Medical Students in MDCAT 2020

This year thousands of students come with the plan to crack the entry test and achieve their goal which includes about thirty to forty percent of those students, who were unable to clear the entry test last year.

In short, there were a thousand of students who were hoping to make their future as a doctor and serves their motherland.

But in such a pandemic situation of novel COVID-19, all the educational activities were ceased and students were locked at their homes. In such a griding and confusing situation, somehow their intermediate exam was cleared.

After this, they work even hard to get their goal. But there was another problem that was ready to challenge then and that was, all the entrance test preparation institutes were closed due to pandemic COVID-19. But the students start preparing for their tests at their homes. Another option was online preparation, which was not as effective as the physical classes were.

But here, there was a huge twist of their lives that was waiting for them. The Government has decided to rule out the PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental council) and make PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission) through a bill at Parliament.

PMC made a huge change in the basic criteria of the entry test.

They decided to take a national test N-MDCAT instead of provisional tests taken by the provisional authorities.

They changed the syllabus and many other things right before the test which was really a big disturbance for students.

Then a long delay of the test was also a trouble for students.

After a long wait, the test was finally taken on 29th November 2020 and PMC promised that if there was any question that was out of syllabus, that will be deleted and awarded with a grace mark.

On 16th December 2020, the result was announced but this result was a shocking and unbearable dream for students.

Many students which have given the test were mentioned absent in the result. In other cases, many students were mentioned with a roll number this is not theirs. As there were about 14 to 15 MCQs that were out of the syllabus, some students were awarded with grace marks, and many students were not awarded with grace marks.

Then, there was a huge protest against PMC on the social media platforms, which result in that the result was deleted from the website and PMC said that they will clear all the mistakes soon and publish the result again. So, the students are now waiting that what the PMC will do with them and their future. Hope that the students get justice and received the award for their hard work.