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Angular 10 introduction

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What is Angular 10?

Angular 10 is an Application front-end JavaScript framework, to build single page fast and optimized applications.

This Angular course will help you to learn and use the Angular framework and development platform, from your first basic angular app  to optimizing complex angular apps for enterprises. article and practical code  include downloadable examples to polish your development.

Why you should learn Angular 10?

Angular is the most popular and fully flagged JavaScript framework to build large enterprise applications.

Single page Application becoming more popular nowadays because of their speed and functionality.(SPA’s)

Angular provides a very clean code structure and unit testing. You have no need to worry about creating and components and maintaining update them and connect them with each other Angular CLI do all this work for you with simple commands. We will cover in upcoming Angular 10 tutorials.

Which roles you can have in the industry after completing this angular course?

Here is a list of some major roles.

  1. Front-end developer
  2. JavaScript developer
  3. SPA developer
  4. UI/UX designer

Application areas of Angular 10

Angular 10 is the most widely used technology over the web here are some major points of angular 10.

  • Supported Community:- Google updates and actively supports angular and angular applications.
  • OLD – Angular heavily used Plain Old JavaScript Object and it helps in learning Angular in an easier way.
  • User Interface:- Angular components use HTML document for providing an interface with many directive style condition support.
  • Typescript:- Angular component use TypeScript for adding functionality and rendering different objects routes validation API calls etc. TypeScript is superset of JavaScript and provide a highly secure object Oriented approach.
  • Angular Structure:- Angular provide a structural approach that’s maintainable and also helpful in unit testing
  • Use everywhere:- angular provide multi-platform support you can use it on many platforms without much change of code.

Designed for?

This tutorial is designed for programmers who want to learn programming from basic to advance and have any aim to work as freelancer or planning to join a software companies.

Anyone can learn Angular 10 and test it, but you need some prerequisites. You should have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Typescript, and DOM.

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