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Angular setup

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How to Setup Angular 10 project ?

On our local machine to setup angular 10 application we need to install following applications and packages:-
1)Node.js :- in simple words Node.js® is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.

2) NPM (Node Package Manager) it is  default and free package manger for JavaScript runtime environment. 

3) Angular Cli (Angular Command line interface) it is used to develop, create , build , run deploy angular app.

4 )Vs Code :- You can use any text editor but in this project i am going to use vs code which free IDE from Microsoft to develop web apps.

How to install Node.js?

Node.js is free JavaScript runtime built on chrome v8. you can download node.js free from official node.js website 

node.js Angular setup Node.js installation guide
Node.js download page

you will se this page select the OS and download according to your machine.

once the exe download click on setup exe and install node. once that is installed.
Confirm Node.js installed successfully. To check this open CMD.

Type this command 


you will get this result

Welcome to Node.js v12.18.1.

if you get this message Congratulations! Node.js is installed. if you have any issue please leave comment with problem. I will help.

Now let’s move to next step.

What about NPM?

We have no need to install NPM, this is pre installed in Node.js latest version, make sure to use latest version of Node.js and NPM.
you can check NPM by typing this command in your Terminal
C:UsersHP>npm -v
6.14.5 <= This your npm version 

Let’s install Angular CLI.

We will install Angular CLI with the help of npm  make sure you have followed previous steps and you have working node & npm enviroment.

  1. open CMD
  2. Type this command npm install –g @angular/cli
  3. Enter 

wait for a moment and let it install, when every thing is done. 

 follow these steps to verify that angular cli is working 

  1. open CMD
  2. Type this command ng version
  3. Enter 

You will see this screen.

Check angularinstallation
ng version

Congratulations Angular CLI  installed  

Now we can create angular Application with single command. we will see in next chapter. 
Let’s go to  our last step installation of IDE for Angular application.

Which IDE use for Angular apps?

you can use any text editor there are bunch of free editors available on internet you can use any one of them even you can use notepad

in this Angular tutorial. I will use vs code  which free IDE from MICROSOFT you can use any IDE for angular apps.
You can download vs from official website.

Ok this is all what we need to create our angular Applications. Hope that you enjoyed this article. leave your thoughts if you have any issue comment bellow i will be back ASAP.

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