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Compulsory Subjects

Compulsory Papers: 6 (Marks: 600) (All candidates have to take the 6 compulsory papers)

The written part of the CSS exam is divided into two categories. One is Compulsory and the second is Optional. Compulsory Subject contains 600 marks. The Compulsory Subject contains English Essay, English Precis, Islamic Studies, Pakistan Affairs, Current Affairs, and General Science and Ability. The Non-Muslim candidates have the option either to take Islamic Studies or Comparative Study of Major Religions. Qualifying marks for compulsory subjects of CSS is 40%.
Every subject contains 100 marks each. The three papers of General Knowledge (GK-I, GK-II & GK-III) are to be passed collectively by scoring 120 marks out of 300. The question paper in Islamic Studies or Comparative Study of Major Religions is to be answered in English or Urdu only. All other papers must be answered in English unless otherwise directed in the Question Paper. Contravention of these instructions will result in the cancellation of the papers and award of ZERO marks in the paper(s) concerned.