Five Best Ways To Focus On Your Study

Concentrated study is essential to get the knowledge that we want from books.

But in this world of business and hustle and bustle of life, there are many barriers that restricted us to focus on study and our works.

The most powerful is social media which divert us from our business. Other things like games, social circle is also playing their part in distracting us.

But in spite of these, there are many tricks to focus on our studies and to work with our full passion and energy and to get through our dreams and goals.

Here in this article, I am going to list five best ways to focus on our studies:

  1. Set a goal:

If a man didn’t have a goal in his life, he could not focus on his studies at all. First of all, ask yourself why you are here? Why you are studying? What do you want to become in your life? What is the dream of your life?

It is said that “a man without a goal or dream is just like a donkey who is working for his owner”.

So, if you want to study you have to set a goal for your life. You have to decide that what is that milestone for which you are studying.

  • Set an environment for study:

After deciding what you want in your life, the next step is to decide which is the location where you can study for a long time.

Location and environment are the most important things for study. For some people, the calm and clean environment of the library is the best place for study and some people found the complete isolations, the best place to focus on their studies. These all things are according to the taste of people.

But in spite of these, there are few tricks to choose a comfortable place for study.

  • The place which you have selected for study should be clean. It does not have anything that can divert your attention from study. Before starting the study, you have to clean the table and put only those things which are essential during your study.
  • If you are working on a computer or any other electronic device which needs electricity then choose a place which has availability of power switch.
  • Select that place where there is no one normally comes and there the chance of disturbance is less.
  • Your sleeping bed and study should be different. Because if you studying on your bed then there are many chances that you cannot focus on study and you may sleep.

3. Set a study ritual:

Sometimes it is very difficult to set and pay attention to the study.

So, it is advised that first of setting your place of study and put aside all those things that are not needed during the study. After this take a long breath and close your eyes for a while and think about your dream and goals.

This exercise will be focused you on your studies and help you to concentrate on your work.

4. Set a timetable:

If you want to work for a long time then first of you have to set your daily base routine.

In timetable, the time you have decided for study, then at this time never do anything else and forced yourself to focus on your study. This drill will make you punctual.

Then not only in study, you will be disciplined and punctual in other works of your life.

5. Pomodoro technique:

This technique said that one cannot work for a long time with concentration. According to this technique, a man can work only 25 minutes without disturbance.

So maintain your timetable in such a way that you get time to relax your mind and shed out all your boredness.

These techniques could help us to focus on our study. There are many other techniques as well which help us in your conciseness with your work.

So, follow them in your life and achieve what you want in your life. Dream big to get big.


Why Nist Of The Students Can’t Focus On Their Studies

In this world of technology, the education and knowing of new technology is a blood-like need of the human population.

why Students Can not Focus On Their Studies.

 To get successful in this vast world of knowledge a man has to be step by step with the steps of the world. He has to work hard to know about the new technology and the basics of the creations of things. For this, he has to be focused on his work.

 But, in spite of this, today’s student is mostly distracting from his studies. Instead of taking interest in his studies, he is distracted by many other so-called colorful things.

Here in this article, I am going to list few of these distractions which most of the student face in his life:

  1. Social media:

Social media is one of the notorious tools through which most of the students get distracted.

 A lot of student’s time is passing away in looking at the notification messages on different social media platforms.

Social media is one of the notorious tools through which most of the students get distracted

One of the platforms is Facebook. Students waste their precious time watching the stories and chatting with random people which is not essential for them at all.

 Another social media platform is YouTube on which there are millions of videos that distract most of the students from the way they must have to adopt.

 In spite of these, there are many other platforms that are involved in wasting the golden time of students. These include WhatsApp, Instagram, and many others which although are quite interesting they waste most of our time.

2 Addicted to different games:

Playing too many games is another main tool to distract the students from their studies.

Playing too many games is another main tool to distract the students from their studies.

 Nowadays not only the physical games are playing their part in distraction but digital games are also the main key. Playing too many games waste your time and divert you from your studies. Physical games are good for health but it has a negative effect when getting involved in them too much that they restrain you from other works.

 It would be alright if you want to be a professional player but otherwise, it is really dangerous.

The other type of games that mostly divert the students are digital games they not only waste our time, but they also have a negative effect on our health.

 These games affect the eyes mind as well as the whole body of the user. The most famous digital game now a days is PUGg. A lot of students are addicted to this game. This game affects the nerves of the players.

 In the last month of 2020, a student from Punjab getting addicted to this game very badly and play PUBg 24/7 which destroy his mental health and caused his brain hemorrhage and eventually death.

3 Having too much friends:

It is seen that many students have a lot of relationships. These could be his friends and relatives.

It is seen that many students have a lot of relationships. These could be his friends and relatives.

Students waste their time in conversating with these although it is not necessary for them. They spent most of their time in chit chat with their friends and some students went out with their friends just for fun and enjoyment. These all things distract the students from their studies. Friendship with change gender is also a main key in spending precious time because these things mostly involved the emotional feelings which also affect the mind.

There are many other distracting things in this world. The things we have to do is to restrain ourselves from these distractions and remained focused on our studies.