Working Holiday Visa in Canada

Working Holiday Visa in Canada

Working Holiday Visa in Canada: Comprehensive instructions on how to apply for an IEC Working Holiday work permit are provided on this page.
On October 23, the 2023 IEC season came to an end. Use our free Canadian Immigration Quiz to find out if you qualify for the 2024 IEC program.

In the market for a 2024 working holiday visa to Canada? This page provides information about work permits for International Experience Canada (IEC), often known as Canada Working Holiday Visas.

What is the program for the IEC Working Holiday Visa in Canada?

Young foreign people from over 30 countries can obtain temporary work permits under the International Mobility Program, enabling them to live and work lawfully in Canada. Depending on your nation of citizenship, the permits have a 12 or 24 month validity.

In order to apply for a Working Holiday Visa in Canada, applicants must first build a profile, informing the Canadian authorities of their desire to do so. Those who are accepted will be invited to formally finish their work permit application; nevertheless, acceptance is contingent upon eligibility and availability.

Working Holiday Visa in Canada
Working Holiday Visa in Canada

Who is eligible to apply for Working Holiday Visa in Canada?

View the complete list of nations that are taking part in International Experience Canada, along with the various types of work permits that are offered.

Now that you know when to start the IEC procedure, don’t forget to create a free Moving2Canada account. You get access to a wealth of information through your account, such as job postings from Canadian companies seeking to hire IEC participants, checklists with detailed instructions for your immigration procedure, and much more!

After completing your free registration, we’ll walk you through the process of creating your IEC profile as well as a number of other crucial activities to assist you.

How to obtain a Working Holiday Visa in Canada

On the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website, you are able to build a profile.

  • At “regular intervals,” draws are held in which potential candidates are chosen at random and invited to submit an application for a work permit until all available slots are filled for the year. This implies that you can register as a candidate and make a profile whenever you’d like, following your nation’s opening date.
  • But, as this IEC category is very popular, your best chance is to apply as soon as possible for a working holiday visa in Canada. You’ll be exposed to more of these draws as a result.
  • Depending on your nation and type of work visa, you may be required to join one or more “pools.” Examples such pools are “Ireland: Young Professionals” and “Australia: Working Holiday.”
  • When the final rounds of invites for each country and category are sent out, the IRCC has promised to provide at least five days’ notice, signaling the end of that pool for the season.
  • Here’s how to register as a candidate and get called to submit an application for a Canada working holiday visa under the IEC.

What are the conditions for obtaining a Working Holiday visa in Canada?

Those who wish to apply for an IEC Working Holiday Visa in Canada must meet the following requirements:

  • Obtain a passport or be a citizen of one of the 35 nations with which Canada has a “bilateral youth mobility agreement.” Put another way, you have to be a citizen of one of the participating nations for the IEC Working Holiday visa Canada OR apply from the United States via an accredited agency.
  • Own a passport that is valid for the entire time you will be in Canada (the work permit you are granted cannot be used for longer than your passport).
  • be able to apply if you are between the ages of 18 and 30 or 35 (inclusive). The age restriction for a working holiday visa is determined by the nationality of the applicant, as specified in our list of nations for International Experience Canada.
  • Upon arrival, ensure you have the minimum amount of CAD $2,500 to assist with startup costs.
  • be allowed to purchase health insurance for the whole time they are in Canada on a Working Holiday Visa (participants must provide proof of this insurance at the point of entry in Canada). Visit our page for health insurance in Canada to view providers and obtain rates.
  • be able to enter Canada.
  • own a round-trip ticket or the funds necessary to buy a departure ticket for the conclusion of their approved stay in Canada before leaving.
  • not have any dependents with you.
  • As stated in the section below titled “Apply for a Work Permit,” pay the relevant fees.
  • Certain nationals must additionally be residents of their home country at the time they apply for a working holiday visa in Canada.

Step 1: Applying to IEC Canada is to become a candidate.

  • Fill out the questionnaire for “Come to Canada.” This is how your eligibility for an IEC work permit is initially determined. You will be given a personal reference code if you satisfy the requirements.
  • To create an account, enter this code.
  • Create an IEC visa profile.
  • Enter your information and select the IEC pool or pools that interest you. While some candidates might be qualified for more than one pool, others will only be eligible for one.
  • Right now, you have to wait to be chosen since you need to obtain an invitation to apply (ITA) before you can move on with the application process. Your chances of getting an ITA will be lowered in situations when there are significantly more people in the pool than there are permits available. Visit our Working Holiday Canada news center to get the most recent information on your prospects.
  • You have ten days from the date of the ITA to begin the process of applying for a working holiday visa in Canada or to reject the invitation. You will lose access to your working holiday IEC profile in the pool if you do not accept or decline the invitation within the allotted 10 days.

Step 2: Submit an IEC work permit application:

  • You will have 20 days from the time you click “Start Application” to formally accept the ITA to file your work permit application and pay any associated costs.
  • Before the 20-day period expires, your company must also pay the CAD$230 employer compliance fee through the employer portal for the IEC Young Professional and International Co-op categories. In order for you to input the Offer of Employment number they get in your application, they will need to send it to you.
  • Obtain and upload each and every document that the IRCC requests, such as police or medical certifications. You can attach documentation proving you’ve applied for a police certificate or medical examination if you don’t have them right away.
  • Pay the appropriate fees.
  • Send in your application.
  • After reviewing your application, IRCC could ask for more supporting documentation.
  • A letter of introduction (LOI) will be issued to your account if your application is accepted. You will need to show this to an immigration officer at a Port of Entry (POE), such as an airport or border crossing, so bring it with you when you travel to Canada along with proof of finances and health insurance. This is where your work permit is issued. Make sure you have with you all the paperwork needed for your entry into Canada.


What are the possibilities of obtaining a work permit for a working holiday?

Your country of application will determine your chances of being granted a working holiday visa to Canada. Different nations have different levels of competitiveness. Because the Working Holiday pool draws at random, your chances of being accepted are lower the more people apply from your country in the pool. Similarly, the number of working holiday permits that each nation is able to grant varies. You have a lower chance of getting chosen if you are from a nation with a limited quota.

What actions can you do to improve your chances of success?

As soon as the 2024 season opens, go into the pool. Your chances of being chosen increase with the length of time you spend in the pool. Even though the 2023 program is currently closed, you may ensure that you are prepared to submit when the 2024 pools open by gathering all the necessary information in advance. Out all the three IEC programs, the Working Holiday permit is the most competitive. Try looking for a career in Canada if your country offers the young professional program to find employment. Your chances of success are higher if you apply as a young professional.

What is the age requirement in Working Holiday Visa in Canada?

The eligibility requirements for each program vary by country and might be as low as 30 or as high as 35 (inclusive).

Is evidence of funds required in order to apply for a Canada Working Holiday visa?

It is a need to be able to demonstrate at least $2500 CAD in finances in order to be eligible for the IEC program. You can include these money in your application for a work permit, but in order to activate your work permit upon arrival in Canada with your port of entry letter, you will need to provide a bank statement that is no more than seven days old and demonstrates that you have the equivalent of $2500CAD. Your Working Holiday visa will not be granted if you are unable to provide proof of this.

What is the cost of a Working Holiday Visa in Canada?

Joining the IEC working vacation pool is free of charge, however if you are chosen to proceed with filing a work permit application, you will have to pay the relevant administrative fees. The cost of processing a CAD $161 working holiday visa and a CAD $100 open work permit holder charge must be paid in order to obtain one in Canada. In addition, unless they have provided biometrics within the ten years prior to their application, applicants will be required to pay an additional $85 biometrics charge.

What paperwork is required for a Working Holiday Visa in Canada?

The paperwork you must submit in order to obtain a Working Holiday permit is fairly simple. We have created a helpful guide outlining the paperwork you must prepare for your IEC application in order to make the process even simpler for you.

In 2023, how many IEC Work Permits will be granted?

In 2023, it is anticipated that approximately 90,000 IEC work licenses would be issued. Each nation is allotted a certain number of licenses to issue under this quota-based system. For example, Australia can issue as many licenses as it wants, the UK can issue as many as 10,000, Italy can issue as many as 1000, and so on.

In 2024, how many IEC permits will be granted?

We can anticipate the 2024 annual quota to be between 95,000 and 100,000 based on annual trend increases.

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